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We are very excited to share a video with you that we’ve created as a short promotional piece to highlight our process and work! This video is also on the front page of our website, but often blog readers may only see the blog entries, so we thought we would share it here as well.

If you have a spare minute and change, you can see the video below, we also invite you to check us out on youtube and subscribe to our channel!

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We think you’ll like this too if you haven’t seen it.

Or if you have.

We just hope you like it!

We would love to hear your impressions and thoughts on this video! 🙏

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  1. I’ve watched this video several times and I’m always fascinated by the process and the end results. It really has a sense of being an ancient tradition, using the most basic tools (clay, hands, fire). And I’m still amazed by that white vase whose cracks resemble sakura blossoms on tree limbs. Pure artistry. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mike! I understand what you mean – that white vase was the inspiration that got me staying with raku! Have not had such a striking crack since, but its a wonderful reminder of the possibilities!

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