The Healing Vase Project 2021

In 2019 I was contemplating how I might integrate my healing into my artistic process and how I might involve and possibly help others with their healing. After contemplating this for sometime, I came up with the concept for β€˜The Healing Vase

My concept for a The Healing Vase is to allow the process of raku and the flames of the reduction process to act as a healing tonic for your grief and pain, for mine, and for all who to choose to participate in this process collectively.

Please share one of the following in the written words of your choice as a comment below:

  1. The type of healing you are seeking in your life;
  2. The name of a loved one you have lost;
  3. Something you want to let go of that is no longer serving you in your life; or,
  4. The name (first name only), of someone you want to send healing energy too.

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  1. In 2021 I wish healing for all those afflicted by Covid-19, healing of the mind for those who harbour prejudice, bigotry and discrimination, and healing for the bereaved.

  2. For all people in each and every country who’s freedom’s (most notably at this time Canada) are being curtailed for the wrong reasons. I ask for healing from sneakiness, meanness, lies and the constant strive for power by a few over the masses which is driven purely by EGO. πŸ™‚ lets hope for truth, goodness and kindness always…

  3. Not sure if this is too late for this year but would like to add –

    “For persecutors and victims of persecution around the world.”

    We’ve probably all picked on someone and/or been picked on in childhood. We would hope that adults put a stop to this. It all stems from insecurity…

  4. This request may be too late for this autumn’s healing vase, but I submit Lizzy, whose abrupt departure left no closure. I will never know if she took her own life or if she found her way at last, and this haunts me.

  5. I would like healing for myself as a result of the COVID-19 criminal activities of our governments, for some police forces, and for people who don’t think there is a problem in this moving forward of the Plandemic called Agenda2030 to fantastically reduce the world population.

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