Alive In A Bottle

The Black Currant wine is bottled

And we are enjoying sampling some homemade wine.

2021 was grape, elderberry, rhubarb and black currant.

It’s been a good wine year!

The year’s red grape wine made came out exceptionally well! It’s a bold full-bodied flavour that has made juicing countless bunches of grapes feel very worthwhile.

So quite happy about that!

The rhubarb is, as always, an easy hit; the black currant is like a sweet candy; and the first-time-to-make elderberry is – ironically – pretty young and probably needs to be combined with another wine to be more enjoyable. It will be bottled and left to age . . . for awhile. Perhaps that might help!

It’ll bowl you over!

We invite you to celebrate with us with a bit of wine and hope that you have an excellent weekend!

Our favourite of the wine goblets. More can be seen here
Turquoise Rising Goblet
Shipping Included In US and Canada

Are you a wine person?

Have you ever had homemade wine?


    1. Thank you Joanna! 🙂 So glad to hear you do. Hope you are having an awesome day! 🙏

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