Raku Vases

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Enjoy viewing our collection of raku pottery vases.  Raku pottery allows the opportunity to combine my love of pottery and storytelling.  After each vase is removed from the fire of the reduction bin, cooled in water, I clean them to reveal their story to me.  Each vase has a name and some even have a story.  If you are interested in a particular piece of pottery, feel free to get in touch with us.

yellow raku pottery vase
Sunny Day
Raku pottery vase called Minokawa
A Horse With No Name
Vulcan’s Forge
raku pottery vase with crater effect - Lunar Landing
Lunar Landing
Turquoise, blue, red metallic vase called Thor's Veil
Thor’s Veil
Lidded jar, raku pottery
65 Cybele
metallic and dark blue raku pottery vase handmade
Apollo’s Song
Raku Vase - blue, turquoise, cooper and red
Diana’s Hunth
Shag Harbour
Egg shaped ceramic vase "The Brahmanda"
The Brahmanda
Raku pottery vase, blue and gold, titled Merlin's Brew
Merlin’s Brew
Cailleach’s Valley
The Many Fabled Vase
blue, purple, pink irridescent raku pottery vase called 'The Missing Piece' inspired by Shel Silverstein.
The Missing Piece
Raku pottery vase called Climate Change
Climate Change
Raku Vase, Draught of Peace
Draught of Peace
yellow raku vase called 'Haring's Dance'
Haring’s Dance
raku pottery
‘Autumnal Dreaming’
Homer’s Odyssey
blue raku pottery vase
Gaia’s Dream
Raku pottery vase, blue, turquoise, salmon called 'Make it Work'
Make It Work
Raku pottery vase, blue and copper
The Siren’s Call
Niobe’s Tears
Raku pottery vase called 'Mars'
Fractal Magic
Raku pottery vase Rokonlélek in classic form.


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