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There is a lot of work that goes into creating a piece of raku pottery! You can read more about the process here. You can also see an example of the firing process for yourself below:

No potter’s were injured in the making of this video.


We have sent pottery to a number of countries throughout the world and package each piece carefully so that it arrives to you safely and securely. All of the piece we sell include a tracking number that we will send to you once we have shipped the item.

Our experience thus far has been that everything has arrived safely and securely!


    1. Thank you! He’s like my childhood hero! May I ask who does the illustration for your website and books? They are stunning.

  1. I have been contemplating for quite some time on which one to purchase eventually because I have wished to not only show support to your work but also have a beautiful piece or gift a beautiful piece to a friend or family. One day I definitely will when I can figure out the “which”.

    1. Hi Sara! Thats wonderful to hear! Perhaps we can help you find a particular piece. If that woulf help, please head over to http://rakupottery.ca/contact and send us a message of what you might have in mind and we will respond with some questions to help clarify and then some suggestions. How does that sound?

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