The Alchemist’s Studio – Raku Pottery

Beautiful collection of raku pottery art

Where art and magic meet

Join us on our pottery adventure as we explore magic through clay!

The Alchemist’s Studio specializes in raku pottery, which is a centuries old firing technique from Japan. We also make, pit fired pottery, mugs and other pieces of objet d’art like jewelry.

You can shop now for a uniquely beautiful piece of art for your home here, or follow the Alchemist’s journey as they explore the potential of clay to search for the timeless and explore our transmutations.

All of our pieces are made by hand with love from our studio in the wilds of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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The Alchemist’s Studio Highlight Reel

Using Earth, Air, Water and Fire – and a little bit of magic – The Alchemist’s Studio creates art that connects people around the world.

Watch our short highlight reel to get a feel for how we create our work.