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Beautiful collection of raku pottery art

Raku Vases, Ornaments, Owls –  Stunning Decor & Gifts

FOOrnamentsGroupAt the Alchemist’s Studio, we make raku vases with a story and beautiful ceramic Christmas ornaments, both hand thrown on a potter’s wheel.  We also make ceramic owls, bowls, candle holders and many other items.  Our raku pottery is owned by people all over the world, and makes a great addition to your home decor.  It is also the perfect gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, holidays, pottery collectors, and of course for anyone who loves raku pottery.  You can view our available work below:

Tis’ the Season for a Raku Christmas


Looking for stunningly beautiful, one of a kind raku Christmas ornaments or trees to brighten your home over the holidays?  Raku Christmas ornaments make a great gift.

Check out our Raku Christmas Gallery today!  These pottery pieces are available in a limited quantity and are going fast!


Raku Pottery Vases With A Story

Under The Sea
Under The Sea

Are you looking for a one of a kind art treasure for your home or for a gift?  Our raku vases combine the magic of raku pottery with story telling.  All of our raku vases come with a name, and many of them have a story!

Take a look at our Raku Vase Gallery, and feast your eyes on some of the most unique pottery out there.  Makes a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and any ocassion you would like to make special.



Beautiful Home Decor and Gifts

White Fruit Bowl

We have a wide range of other handmade pottery items and art available for you to view like our raku owls, fishes of fukushima series, functional ware, candleholders, rakuties (small raku vases), and other cool, unique one of a kind art creations.


Browse Our Art Gallery of Raku Pottery

FO4thingsHopefully we have fanned the flames of your curiousity! Feel free to browse and check out our vases, christmas ornaments and other pieces of raku pottery. Whether you are looking for the perfect new piece of art for your home, or a unique one of a kind gift, we are sure to have something that fits your decor, style and budget. Our goal is to ensure you get a piece of pottery that you love and will enjoy for many years to come. Our pieces make a great gift for weddings, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays, and any special occasion.

The Gift of Fire – Raku Pottery


For a demonstration of a little part of how we raku fire our vases, ornaments, and other pottery, please click here, or on the image to your left.  Each piece of raku art we make goes through this magical process of transformation so that we can provide you with some of the most unique and interesting examples of raku pottery art.  All of our pottery is thrown on a potter’s wheel or built by hand to enhance your home decor and they make great unique one of a kind gifts.