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‘Echo’ is a cautionary tale not to ignore an ‘Echo’ in the woods, or fall in love with a gay, unknowingly asexual man, the broken hearts this may cause, and of course – as per usual in most stories involving the gods – a tale of revenge gone terribly wrong.

But at least there were flowers!

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It’s not Easy being beautiful

It can be hard to feel compassion for all the pretty people. But sometimes they have rough times just like the rest of us!

Take Narcissus for example.

When he was born, his mother Liriope was awestruck by what a handsome baby she had birthed, much like most mothers. Of course she had big dreams for her son and thus consulted the seer Tiresias who predicted he would have a long and happy life, but only if he never discovered himself.

Don’t play that annoying game where you repeat everything someone says

Like any good mother, Liriope took the words of the prophets seriously. She sheltered her son from self-reflection and banished all mirrors from their home, always keeping a close eye on her son. But no parent can keep their eyes on their children 24/7, as much as they may want to.

One day, Narcissus was walking in the woods alone and was spotted by a mountain nymph named Echo who fell deeply in love with him and decided to follow him. Like part of a bad ‘knock knock’ joke, Narcissus, who sensed someone was following him called out ‘Who’s there?’

Echo, of course parroted his question back to him.

After this went on for awhile, Echo revealed herself, and tried to embrace Narcissus. Unfortunately for her, their romance did not flower, and he soundly rejected her.

Mighty Aphrodite is a real Dear

Aphrodite witnessed this rejection of Echo and vowed revenge. One warm day when Narcissus was hunting, Aphrodite turned herself into a deer and lured Narcissus to a pool of water to drink from. When he went to drink, he gazed upon the most beautiful reflection and fell hopelessly and madly in love – with the handsome man staring back at him.

He was unable to take his eyes off the gorgeous man staring back at him. And after sometime, upon further reflection, he realized his love would not be returned and the heat of his passions consumed him and all that was left was the flower that bears his name today.

Echo witnessed this tragic end, and heart broken, she eventually faded away, leaving behind only an echo.