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Today’s raku pottery vase ‘Chaos‘, tells the tale the story of everything, but also nothing, of the void, and how everything sprung from it. And it may explain those days we all have when the unexpected keeps cropping up.

It’s not easy existing in a cosmic void, particularly if you feel like you are alone in the universe. Fortunately, for most of us, we will never know how that really feels. But for Chaos, it was the only thing they would know for some time.

Chaos existed for much time in a state of disorder, at least according to us humans. One day Chaos started feeling different than usual. They wondered if they had eaten too many sub atomic particles and space junk.

Chaos definitely began to feel more and more strange, until suddenly, a cosmic egg emerged from them. At first Chaos dismissed this occurrence as simply just more Chaos, but it was from this egg that all elements of our world would originate from.

Cosmic egg, it does the universe good. You can read the story of another cosmic egg, from a different culture here!

That our Earth comes from Chaos, might explain a lot of things from our history and that are even going on today. That science so many years later would describe the origin of the universe coming from a single point in a void, makes me wonder if the Greeks knew something we did not.