The Vase Of Dreams

You are an integral part of this piece

The Vase of Dreams was fired in a similar manner to the Healing Vase. This firing included strips of paper as fuel for the reduction and on those strips of paper were the dreams that you have submitted in the comments.

Here are a few of them.

To remember that we are not alone in this world – that we all learn to be considerate of what others are going through instead of glorying in our own misery.

we humans are causing untold damage through deforestation. The world needs to become greener, in more ways than one.
To heal the divisions in this country. To find a more equitable future where all are equal and heal the pain of our oppressive past. To embrace the change that comes and unite for a better future.

Just love one another! Let all that we do be done in love.

I hope for healing of every kind needed for each person on this planet. Some need physical healing, some emotional and yet others spiritual.

I would wish that it were possible to heal the minds, bodies and souls of everyone so that the peoples of the world could live together in love and harmony. Raku dreams in fire Await a heated process To bring hope for all

I wish for the world to bravely embrace the strength inside their souls to breed unity so that all life on earth could become whole.

Your dreams were the fuel
for firing this vase.