This Week At The Studio In Photos

The forest floor is red with maple leaves!
A closeup of this week’s vase story star, which you can find on Uranus.
Golden hues started the week up high and by the end of the week
. . . had found their way to The Yellow Leaf Road!
This new ornament was added to the site! More here.
Mauve Ornament – $35

That’s been the week here.

How’s your week been?


  1. I enjoy your photos and especially like the Yellow Leaf Road. Fall in the piedmont area of North Carolina has not reached peak yet like mountains. It’s a rainy day here, and I’m in the mood for a drive through my area to enjoy seeing fall foliage. Makes me so thankful I can see beautiful colors.

  2. The week has been quiet and calm here. I have had a week off which has been great, sleeping in every day and no snarky emails waiting for me each morning. Over here the leaves are changing, too.
    Our local area is likely to enter level 3 (Very High) of lockdown next week, so just bracing ourselves for that.

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