Monday Morning Motivation

Happy Monday! Some weeks this sounds like an oxymoron for many as we start a new week, which is usually announced by some jarring return to work. But Mondays can be powerful days.

I don’t know about all of you, but since the pandemic, remaining motivated is one of my biggest struggles. Everything I want to do seems so small in light of the many problems that 2020 has shone a light on. And these problems like lack of racial justice/equality, a global pandemic, leaders who tell people not to wear a mask and then gets a deadly virus because of his carelessness, and all the holes in our social safety net that said leader will likely to choose to ignore from his top notch medical facility.

It seems like the hits have kept coming. It’s hard to roll with the punches when they keep coming and it feels like you have a blindfold on. But I think I am finally learning.

Regardless of all the crazy the world is throwing at us now and the temptation to crawl into a prepper’s bunk, remember one thing:

We all have our own beautiful light to shine on the world, and that includes you. Together we can be a crack in the darkness where light shines through.

It may feel hard to accomplish anything moving forward blind. But when moments of being in the flow anything can happen. Including throwing a piece of pottery blindfolded like this one:

You can see more raku pottery vases here.

What is motivating you these days and what are your dreams, hopes and goals for the rest of 2020?


  1. Beautiful work and nice words! Living in the nature that surrounds me, and my art and craft work motivate me as do my ‘kids’ and regular tête a tête with a friend. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to visit my mother in England… Stay well, motivated and keep up with your lovely work!

    1. Thank you Gilly! That is great to hear that you have a number of things keeping you motivated including art! I am hopeful that the time will come again to visit. 🙏

  2. Monday Is actually my favorite day! I don’t understand all the hate towards it ahah…about motivation: you can’t always rely on it, discipline and willpower will do the trick. 🙂

    1. I feel very similarly. When motivation is there, its great to follow it, but discipline and routine are a great help in keeping things moving when motivation is not visiting! I hope you are keeping well!

  3. Agreed, it is tough to keep an upbeat attitude in the midst of all the chaos. The world just needs some good news. I keep motivated by my photography, by exercise (hiking, biking and walking) and by communicating with people. Stay well and stay hopeful. Allan

    1. Thank you, Allan. I am happy to hear that you have these things in your life to keep you moving forward. It helps with feeling that hope! Keep well! 🙏

  4. I totally agree with you, mondays can be very powerful. They can determine how you start your day and greatly affects how you will do on your week. I think having a good start of everything, even of a week, can continuously improve our mindset. Thanks for sharing this! xo

    1. I agree with what you have expressed as well! Having a good Monday makes the whole week start off better and its much easier to keep that momentum from then on. Stay well!

    1. perhaps! now to blindfold drive to the store and blindfold park so I can blindfold buy an archery set! 😀

  5. We have taken a different approach – as things are so uncertain at the moment and what is and is not available/permitted changes so quickly, we have decided to not try to plan too far ahead. (that way, if something doesn’t go to plan, you’re then not disappointed *taps head with pointing finger, looking clever*)
    I think what’s keeping us afloat atm, are what we have and are grateful for. I can still work from home and provide us an income. Husband still receives his PIP benefit which pays for things he needs. We are both in good health have everything we need.

  6. Days of the week don’t matter to me. Neither does a watch. I have goals and measure time by the completion of each one with no set time to get it done. Dishes, laundry, and kids keep me going. That and treasure hunting.

    1. Treasure hunting is wonderful isn’t it! Checking out second-hand sales and auctions etc. Thank you for sharing and keep safe and well! 🙏

  7. Love the raku. And, all we can do is shine whatever light we can to others throughout this crisis, and you do that through your pots. You’ve had it it tough over there. Pot on.

    1. Thank you for your kindness, Vivienne! I appreciate your comment and hope you are keeping safe and well 🙏

    1. I do love that! I have heard it as “create a great day” which is very similar! I agree that staying motivated – while challenging – feels better.

  8. A strong, encouraging sentiment. Feelings we all share. It IS hard to keep motivated. But perhaps the fact that we notice that we are not motivated is enough to spur us onto SOMETHING creative!

    1. Some days I find that it is, and some days it is not! Routine can be great for those instances that are in between/close. Hope you are keeping safe and well! 🙏

  9. Such an inspiring post. You’re right: it’s just so important to keep moving. Reading this has given me a bit of a boost. Hope you have a good week 🙂

  10. The worst part of the turmoil is seeing how in this information age we are having a harder and harder time knowing which VERSION of the truth is reality. Fortunately, politics doesn’t have to dominate our days (though it tries.
    It helps to get dressed every day 😉
    The only way I know to motivate is to set goals and continue moving forward. And when I don’t seem to be making progress on those goals, take some time to learn how to improve my skills and knowledge so I’m better able to achieve.

    1. I like it! it sounds like a very pragmatic and realistic approach to keeping things moving while not being too hard on oneself. thank you for sharing and I hope you are keeping well William! 🙏

  11. I’m at a point where I can’t seem to reach for a specific motivation. But what I do is remind myself that I should just motivate myself to live enough to go about my day and positive situations will come around from it. As we worry less and behave in appreciation of being here, the universe provides what we don’t expect.

  12. Love it! My kids’ resilience during these trying times and working on launching my podcast this month are my biggest motivators right now.

    1. great to hear! i hope that is going well. I am a fan of podcasts 🙂 I hope your launch is great! 🙏

  13. Beautiful pottery. Beautiful quote about shining a light into the world. That’s what I’m trying to do every day. Expressing beauty through art is a great way to shine that light. Thanks for shining yours.

  14. Very nice vase, and being Greek I recognise the historical connection of the name.
    Monday’s and Friday’s are my inspiration and learning days. Good start to the week and good start to the weekend.

    1. Very true! They both have a great motivational aspect to them! I am glad to hear that you recognized the myth!

  15. “We all have our own beautiful light to shine on the world, and that includes you. Together we can be a crack in the darkness where light shines through.”
    lovely quote and article as a whole, people underestimate the power of some positive words, I appreciate this.

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