It’s A Nice Day For A White Whetting

winter will be coming soon around here, and with that means a change in colours from the warmth of the
red, yellow and orange of fall and to
the cooler colours of winter.

Now, As a colour, white is often overlooked., and so as a celebration of a great colour, I wanted to share some of my work in that underrated white of the fresh winter snow
(not the muddy brown of spring snow).

So here is to white!

A Trio In White

White Christmas Ornament Set
Includes Shipping in US and Canada

See more ornament sets (of more colours! here)

The tall snows of winter
Pillar of Atlas $80
Shipping Included In US and Canada

What do you think of white as a colour?

Click here to see vases in all sorts of colours, including white!
here if you’d like to get a vase of your own for free!


    1. When she was younger it was really funny as she has no fur on her tummy, so when the snow touched her belly if it was deep, she hated it. So in deep snow she would hop around like a bunny! it was very cute

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