On The Wheel Wednesday

Sometimes we hit bumps in the road. things do not go exactly as planned and life takes an unexpected Downward turn.

When we are in a Valley, the next peak is hard to see and seems so far away.

But remember, it’s those downward turns that help us have a greater appreciation for when things are looking up.

As we journey through this life our highs and lows are interconnected, and how we respond can help level or steepen our path.

2020 has been a bumpy year for most of this, and many people are facing really tough times. For you, I send good energy, love and encouragement. Let’s all love and encourage ourselves and those around us in this difficult season of the pandemic.

Maybe Canadian crooner Tom Cochrane can give you a little boost with some music for the journey.

You can learn more about our work here at the studio and what we are all about in just one minute. Check out our introductory video and subscribe to our youtube channel, which I am hoping to hit 100 subscribers, so I can finally get my own link!


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