Orange You Glad

“The earth

is blue

Orange Buddha Pendant
Includes Shipping in US and Canada

like an orange.”

– Paul Eluard (French surrealist Poet)

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What do you think of orange?

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  1. Orange is a popular color in this region. Gerua is a shade of orange which is very common here. I don’t know how it is prepared but it is popular for reasons to be used as color to color the earthen flower pots. Here earthen flower pots are very common and colored in similar shades. This reminds me, why natural earthen small Christmas trees not as popular as artificial Christmas trees of same size ? As a kid we had a small earthen flower pot with a plant called “moorpankhi” which we used to decorate on for Christmas, every year. This plant is also called “Oriental thuja plant” . In Hindi moor =peacock and pankhi = feathers.

    Here is a famous Bollywood song on a similar shade of orange:

      1. No not at all! Just lovely visuals and music and it sounds nice to my english listening ear ❤

    1. thank you and so glad to hear you like autumn as well – its much more than pumpkin spice lattes 😀 hope you are keeping well!

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