The Myth of Family Members

Every family has it’s stories.

In The Myth of Family, we explored family from a spiritual, cultural, emotional, and personal perspective through the use of sculpture and vases. The idea of the ‘Tree of Life’ and ‘Family Tree’ is prominent in these works.

Each piece tells part of the interwoven story that explores our collective roots and the twisted branches that tell the tale of our human family and experience through myths and stories from around the world and throughout time.

The Eye Of Balor is part of this family.

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The Eye of Balor’, tells the tale of an Irish giant, a prophecy, his captive daughter, some serious control issues, a late night rendezvous and a whole lot of famillicide!

You can see it in the show video below or, if your curiosity is piqued,
in closer detail with the full story here.

The Eye of Balor was one of the raku vases featured in The Myth Of Family

“The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant.
Every table had an argument going.”

George Carlin

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