From Nova Scotia, Canada to you: I threw this vase with our shared home in mind.

Where in our world are you coming from today?

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    1. Why, I have seen it on the Great Pottery Throwdown! It must be so neat to live in the area. Hope you are well!

    1. Greetings to you in South Carolina! I hope your weekend is going splendidly!

    1. Wonderful! Thank you for joining us, Evelyn! Hope your weekend has been fantastic!

    1. Thank you! So glad you like it and I hope the weather is great today as well!

    1. Hello David and welcome! Thanks for being here, I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

    1. I have wonderful things of Austin. I hope your weekend is going great today!

      1. Thank you! We just had to cancel SXSW, sadly. But things are going well otherwise. Hope you have a great day as well.

    1. Hello to you, Kritika, in Lucknow India! Hope you are having a great March so far!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Hopefully things are a little drier and calmer today. Hope you are well!

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