Transmutation – trans-myoo-tey-shuhn – (noun) change into another nature, substance, form, or condition.

As an artist, it is my life’s work to know the potential of clay and pull back the veils of antiquity in search of the timeless.  The Earth holds much knowledge and wisdom. Through a simple ball of clay she reveals whispers of truth.

It is from these whispers that my work takes form from the primordial soup of creation and concepts emerge.  As theses transmutations occur and are curated, slowly we reveal universal and lost knowledge from the flames.

Below you can find the ever evolving concepts in my work.  I hope that they will make you feel and find something on your personal journey of transformation, for you too are a work of art.

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Enlightenment, Wisdom, Strength, The World, Nourishment, Lovers, Trees, Talismans, Hope, Death