Pandora’s Jar

‘Pandora’s Jar’, named in honour of a woman handcrafted by the gods. Given many gifts from the gods, including great beauty, cunning and a special jar/urn, Pandora would change the course of the world.

Now many of you may have heard of Pandora’s box, but that would be due to a 16th century error in translation. Her special trinket from Zeus himself was a jar or urn.

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It all started when humans acquired the godly gift of fire from Prometheus. Zeus was none too pleased with that mere mortals had acquired the fire of the gods. In order to balance the scales, he decided to bestow another gift upon the mortal world. Her name was Pandora.

Zeus ordered the other gods to help with his little project. Hephaestus created the form of Pandora in his forge, Athena teaches her weaving and dresses her in the finest gowns, Hermes would give her the power of speech, and Aprodite gave her great beauty, cunning and curiosity.

Have any of you seen the movie weird science? Only Pandora was not made for himself, but rather to deliver Zeus’ balancing ‘gift’ to Earth contained in a jar. Zeus knew better than to deliver Pandora to Prometheus, so she was delivered to his gullible brother Epimethius.

Epimethius was warned not to accept any gift from Zeus by his brother, but Pandora was so beautiful and cunning that he not only invited her into his house, but he also married her.

In time, this would prove to be a fatal error, for in Pandora’s jar were plagues and suffering that she would unleash on the Earth by opening the jar. 2020 may have taught us all about life during the plague.

It is said that the only thing left in the jar is hope. That’s something we all need right now. Stay safe, stay healthy!

For those of you who came here wanting to see Pandora’s box, you’ll have to settle for mine.