Original Twin


This vase story will double your pleasure! It is for two vases, collectively known as ‘Original Twin’, and tells the tale of a genderless god, child yielding spit and vomit, the creation of the world, a wandering eye and comes to us from ancient Egypt.

In the beginning there was the chaotic waters of Nu (also called Nun). From these swirling chaotic waters Atum willed themselves into existence. The genderless Atum also possessed an all knowing and seeing eye.

Being beyond gender simplified child birth for Atum. They were able to spit out their first child, a son, Shu, god of the air. He must have been a real mouthful.

The birth of their daughter, Telfnut, goddess of moisture, was a little messier. She vomited Telfnut up. Messy, but not quite as messy as child birth.

If you thought your parents had high expectations of you, you might empathize with Shu and Telfnut. Atum had charged them with creating order out of chaos.

Shu and Telfnut started with creating the earth (Geb) and the sky (Nut). Slowly over time the order of the world as we know it came to be, but in that process Shu and Telfnut were lost in the remaining darkness. Imagine losing your children in a never ending void!

Atum was desperate to find their offspring. They removed their all seeing eye and sent it out to search for Shu and Telfnut. When twins returned with the eye, the eye wept tears of joy and men sprung up where the tears hit the Earth.

Maybe that is why we are made of mostly water and a little salty!