Luonnator tells the tale of a once lonely Finnish creator goddess

Who would make a clumsy sous- chef and her unbearably long pregnancy.

Our heroine of the story was alone in heaven since the beginning of time, and heaven is not so heavenly when you are there by yourself.

Eventually she became bored and decided she needed a change of scenery. Why not slip into the cosmic sea?

It turns out the cosmic sea was not as exciting as it looked.

She floated along it’s waves for centuries. Until one day an eagle came along and built it’s nest on her knee.

Luonnator was very excited by this turn of events, so much so that in her excitement she knocked over the nest and the eggs broke. This would turn out to be a fortunate turn of events for us.

From the remnants of the shells the eggs formed the earth and sky.

The yolks would form the sun and the moon and the other bits the stars.

Luonnator was one of those women who could practically get pregnant from a sneeze. In her case it was the sea and wind that did the job.

Think you had a rough pregnancy? Luonnator would carry her child – the first man – for thirty years.

I bet she wished she had gone in for a cesarean.