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By Maxwanette A Poetess

The journey of this life has left scars,

embedded deeply within my being.

Experienced moments,

become the spider-like web of construction.

Mirrored cracks & creases,

are the consistent reminders that I lived.

I wear my battle-wounds PROUDLY,

for they’re the trophies of life continuing &

lessons learned.

As I Am,

exhibiting the freckles of time,

Honored preservation,

a reminder of the existence I bare.


I breathe & live again.

These beautiful words accompanying this raku pottery vase were written by the talented and enlightened Poetess Maxwanette. If you are in need of good vibes and positivity, her website is the place to go!

Thank you Maxwanette for your beautiful and heartfelt artistic contribution for this work, and for all the beautiful ideas that you share!

Namaste & One Love