1. You are most welcome Barb! So happy to hear that it resonates with you 🙏 were you looking at paintings or pottery or a mix of things? 🙂

      2. Actually, I’m really looking at a broad range of types of writing yes. I’ve been exploring lgbtq writings and art offerings, allowing myself to be exposed to different religious thinking from around the world, and just looking for inspiration wherever it is found in a way that lifts all humans. That’s what I’m about.

  1. I was looking for inspirational blogs that I could begin to travel this writing adventure with. I hope that is not poor etiquette. It seems like a great win, try to inspire others, seek out that which inspires me!

  2. This is amazing ! If I would not have such a small apartment I would order this from you !
    ( Now add a plate to the set to satisfy flat-earthers 😉

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