Delphinus’ Light

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Our celestial vase ‘Delphinus’ Light’ tells the tale of a certain mammal’s coincidental road to stardom, a fleeing bride and a god who won’t take no for an answer.

Our tale starts in a golden palace under the sea somewhere in the Aegean Sea. There Nereus and his wife Doris had 50 daughters. When you have that many children it may come in handy to have a collective name for them.

The Nereid’s, the collective name for all of these daughters, represented everything that was beautiful and compassionate about the sea. They also worked for god of the sea Posedion, carrying his trident around and basically acting as ancient age groupies.

One day, Amphirite, one of the 50 Nereids was chosen by her boss Posedion to dance for her on the island of Naxos. I guess Posedion missed the workplace harassment seminar and Amphirite had some pretty sweet dance moves.

Posedion fell in love and asked Amphirite to marry him. She refused and fled, wanting to protect her virginity from a man who clearly did not understand the #metoo movement and was determined to have his way. Not surprisingly, some of the ancient gods had some pretty serious control issues.

At this point Posedion sent Delphinus in search of Amphirite, who had fled to Atlas. Delphinus would stumble upon our fleeing water nymph and ultimately persuade her to marry Posedion. Posedion would reward Delphinus by making him a constellation in the sky.

We can still see this constellation today among the original ancient version of the Hollywood star walk of fame.

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