Andromeda’s Genesis

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Andromeda’s Genesis

I submit “Andromeda’s Genesis”

There was something about the pattern on that made me think of the birth of a galaxy, perhaps of all creation. I did a search online and discovered a picture jarringly similar, of the large emission nebula IC 1396 in Cepheus.

Here’s the picture:

I continued down the rabbit hole and found the story of Cepheus & Cassiopeia and what they did to their daughter Andromeda before Perseus saved her.

Forgive the free verse – I normally avoid poetry.

Andromeda’s Genesis

Clay spun out
in a spiral nebulae
Resembles Cepheus,
Who with Cassiopeia
Emits Andromeda
She finds how worthless family can be
They sacrifice her
for the sins of the mother
Yet saved by Perseus,
she spends eternity with her hero in the sky.