out in the studio later today to get some work on the pottery wheel in!

Potter throwing at the pottery wheel
Putting the finishing touches on a vase.

Below, is a piece from a raku firing last summer

and I will be firing some new pieces soon!

What are you up to this weekend?

(I Hope it might include
time for creativity and building joy!)


    1. Raku is a pottery technique that goes back 500 years and is steeped in history and tradition. Each piece is entirely unique due to the many variables in the firing process.

      All pots in raku are placed in a bin of organic materials while red hot and starved of oxygen. This piece has many complex and beautiful effects, hard to capture them all.

      Here is a video 🙂


      1. So it actually catches a moment in time along with the the unique material outcome. Fascinating. Thank you so much for the explanation.

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