A Minute Later

It has been a minute!

Hurricane Fiona has come and gone here in Nova Scotia.

The power was out for over a week, but the Alchemist’s Studio itself is fine.

The stars as seen during the week long power outage

We appreciate you checking in
to make sure we were okay!

And we are!

We should be back to blogging on a more regular basis within the week.

In the interim as we ramp back up

Here are some photos of new work

interspersed with some post-storm pictures.

Thank you for being here!
We appreciate you! πŸ™

Though we may break, we are not broken.

See you soon!


  1. I’m relieved to hear you are okay! Yes, it’s been a minute…maybe even more. Your new work is beautiful. As we await the next hurricane (it will be our second), sending warmest wishes.

    1. Hi Karen! Yes it’s been over a month. We have a tropical storm coming this weekend and sometimes the unnamed ones can be awful. I will remember Hurricane Fiona for the rest of my life.

  2. I had no idea about this. So glad to hear you’re okay. Here’s hoping things are settling down and getting back to normal. Thanks for sharing this with us. πŸ™‚

    1. Settling down yes thankfully. Soon it’ll be winter storms instead of hurricanes once we get through the lower than normal hurricane season. Ocean temperatures here are 5C above normal at the moment which fuels more hurricanes later into the year

      1. Wow, that’s terrible! I never thought that these hurricanes, even degraded to a lower level can go so far north.

    1. It’s coming our way tomorrow! Post tropical storm not hurricane though. Hope you are ok and safe!

    1. Thank you that is very kind! Yes it was indeed scary – I will remember that storm for the rest of my life.

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