A Controversial Secret Plan To Save The Earth

Since the early decades of the 20th century

Writers, artists and futurists had dared to dream of what life might be like on Mars. These dreams were informed by science that was evolving quickly.

This raku pottery vase is called ‘A Morning on Mars‘ and as you can see this art piece evokes what a Martian landscape might look like with it’s hazy iridescence.

A Morning On Mars
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But what would a morning on Mars really be like?

Like Earth, Mars is tilted on it’s axis and thus experiences day and night. It’s day is slightly longer that here on Earth – 24.6 hours. Because Mars is further from the sun, the light received is less than half of that here on Earth. One would be able to see Earth and the Moon from Mars, though they would appear star-like, much like Venus, our ‘morning star’.

As we Earthlings

Inch ever closer toward putting a person on the planet, one can only hope that we treat that planet better than the one we are on now.

And doing it before the cats do us in.

Chairman Meow is taking the earth (ie the sculpture “Meltdown“) for cats to take care of

So they say curiosity killed the cat.

Curiosity hasn’t met Chairman Meow.

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What do you think of our
raku pottery vase ‘A Morning on Mars’?

do you think humans should
colonize Mars one day?

Do you think Chairman Meow’s Secret controversial plan will work?


  1. That’s a stunning vase, for sure, and it does remind me of Mars. As for colonization of the Red Planet, definitely not. We’ve not proven ourselves to be good stewards of our “starter planet;” there’s absolutely no justification for spreading our environmental crimes to other worlds. I’m all for manned missions to Mars for scientific research, but our hubris disqualifies us form ever setting up shop there. The clock’s already running out on us here on Earth; I don’t think we’ll be around long enough to get to the point technologically where we could feasibly attempt to colonize another world.

  2. Beautiful Mars Vase, hope you put in some flowers on top of it from The Garden. Mars— oh why not life on Mars ? But why colonize ! Just a spot to live, and grow different kind of flowers, new soils, why not the Curiosity Robot, check drill for some water few feet’s deeper ?

  3. Love the vase and think we could definitely colonize on other planets … the the residents will allow us to do so! We human are so arrogant thinking we are the only life forms in the universe, aren’t we?

  4. Lovely vase! I think the Martians might have something to say about a human invasion. 😉 Humans should fix all the wrongs on this planet before venturing forth and creating the same problems elsewhere.

    1. Agreed, if we cant run things here safely then what business do we have even attempting to do so elsewhere?

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