The Hottest Kiss You will Ever See (TSFW) – Totally Safe For Work

the tale of a random kiss so hot it could have happened on Venus.

The kind of kiss that burns so hot, it leaves a mark! So break out your chapstick and sun screen, because thinks are about to get steamy, as we tell the tale of this raku pottery vase pairing ‘Venus & Adonis‘.

This kiss was so hot, it could have only happened between two vases in a raku fired reduction. As many of you know, we specialize in raku pottery, and part of that process involves removing vases from the kiln at around 1000 degrees, while the glaze is still molten.

Price includes shipping in US and Canada
Price includes shipping in US and Canada

When things are as hot as that

One needs protection from the heat, and even still I’ve singed the hair off my knuckles. Estheticians every where must be jealous of my secret trick for hair removal.

Pieces are then placed in a reduction bin, and everything needs to happen at a steady, yet frantic pace. In my last firing, two vases made contact during this process. Fortunately, I realized my mistake, and was able to separate ‘Venus & Adonis‘ before they were locked in a permanent embrace.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who has experienced a kiss so hot that it is etched on yourself, much like this mythological vase pairing
‘Venus & Adonis’.

Venus and Adonis
Price includes shipping in US and Canada

💘 Have you ever had a kiss with someone that you could never forget? 💘


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