International Cat Day

yesterday was

International Cat Day

and there is no more an international Kitty Dictator than Chairman Meow, who is a day late, but has told us we are celebrating today instead!

So what could be better than sharing a collection of photos of

the Lovably not-on-time Chairman Meow.

(Especially since that is all he will allow)

His New Kinder Profile Photo (note: not pronounced like “kind”)
Nude and Presenting Gifts this past Christmas
(you can read this year’s Christmas Eve Message from Chairman Meow here)
A very tough lion. BE careful
A few cat mugs he has had us working on
Celebrating himself on our TikTok

Do you have any cats?

What do you like to do to celebrate them?

did they also make you do this?

fur real though, Don’t forget to give your cats/pets lots of love today

(and every day)!


  1. Awww Chairman Meow! Well, there are 3 beautiful cats in my life and yes, I celebrated them by giving them some extra love and extra treats. Hopefully they’re happy… 😊 I sure am, to have them in my life.

    1. Wonderful to hear! Cats are such characters and a treat to have in our lives. Hope you are keeping well!

    1. So glad you like the mugs! We have a pitbull so maybe inspired by her could be a fit for a bulldog! πŸ™‚

    1. His reign today was without issue! As long as we do what he wants there will be peace πŸ˜‰

  2. What a handsome fellow! Our Lucy is queen of our house, as it should be! She is our Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and she sends her special greetings to Chairman Meow! 😸

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