This Week At The Studio In Photos


Here is what the world
looks like from here this week!

Starting the week with mint and lavender tea in my favourite mug. Get your own here.
A sky volcano behind the studio
When a tree rises in the forest
A bee helping with the squash
An end of the week reminder that though life can be hard,

It is also soft.

And That’s been the world from here.

How has your week been?


  1. Still no sign of rain. Looks as though we here in England will have two whole months of dry weather. Parts of France have no drinking water. At the moment, we are okay but there is a hoe pipe ban in some places. It’s so sad to watch your garden dying.

    1. That sounds very hard. I hope the rain may come soon. 2 months without it is a long time

    1. thank you! Glad you like them. The flavour of the tea is really lovely, definitely recommend the combination of mint, lavender and honey if you have the chance!

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