Last night, the sky put on quite a show!

There was an assortment of
shapes and colours

and before the sun had set,
what looked like a volcano
behind the studio!

And so it seems like the perfect time to share a truly volcanic vase!

Madame Pele’s Flow‘, tells the tale of a sometimes beautiful goddess who was right at home in the flames of raku. Not only could she sometimes appear as a beautiful woman, but also a white dog, even an old woman, but also a lava flow.

I wonder what picture she used on her tinder profile, and how many of her suitors got burned!

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After reading this story, I don’t think any of her suitors will be asking her to go dutch!

Madame Pele, or Tutu Pele, has become well known for her power, passion, beauty and jealousy over the years. It makes you wonder why someone would challenge her to a race.

You just know someone is going to go down in this, the original flame war.

It was time again for the ever popular and fun houla races!

A houla is a wooden sled that is used to slide down steep stone slopes. A certain skilled houla rider, Papalauahi, was renowned for his skills. Bored by mediocre competition, he and the other chiefs decided to challenge Pele to a race.

Much to the delight of Papalauahi, he coasted easily to victory in the race, much to the cheers and applause of the other chiefs and spectators.

But this was not to be a ‘cool’ running.

Hell hath no fury like a god scorned!

Papalauahi might have been a mighty chief who won the race, but the victory party would become the hottest even on the island. Madame Pele in her rage would release a great flow of red hot lava that would overwhelm many of the spectators and chiefs, proving the age old advice of don’t play with fire – or a volcano goddess!

We can still see traces of the momentous race that occurred in lower Puna. Where stone trees/pillars of the those consumed by lava still stand today.

I guess they won’t be winning races anytime soon . . . or at all.

What did you think of our vase and story?

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See you there!

May your clouds be beautiful!
Have a great day!


    1. So glad you like it! It was a really wonderful evening! Hope you are having a great week! 🙏

    1. Thank you! I am so happy to hear that it comes through in the pottery. i can feel that in the work as well 🙏 It is a lovely place to create!

    1. Thank you Eugenia! I appreciate your kindness and hope you are having a wonderful week! 🙏

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