To The Dragon Mothers

Motherhood is always challenging

But imagine trying to raise three wilful dragons. The daycare costs alone must cost a fortune and imagine trying to hire a nanny (though Arya may be a suitable candidate, and possible future sister-in-law.)

Mother of Dragons is named in honour of the Game of Throne’s Daenrys Targaryen, but is also here today to celebrate the full spectrum of motherhood, in all its colours.

Mother of Dragons
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This piece celebrates the magic of motherhood

You can see where the flames have touched this vase during the reduction process. This moment has been captured perfectly and I can see a correlation between where the flames kissed the vase and the patterns on the vase. It was like our dragon friend Viserion was present in spirit before his icy reanimation.

You can see more of our raku vases, here

Three cheers to all
the dragon mothers of the world!


  1. As a proud mother of a water dragon (can’t keep the kid out of puddles for love nor money!) I fully relate to and enjoyed this post. Keep up the good work mother rockers 😎

  2. One of my friends has three sweet boys, born very close together, and she always referred to herself as the mother of dragons. A real warrior!

  3. It’s hard to picture my adorable, curly-haired daughter as a dragon. I was born in the year of the dragon. Perhaps I’M the one who is the dragon. It would explain my morning breath.:-)

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