Flower Friday

It’s the summer here on Canada’s east coast

And one of my favourite parts of this time of year are all the flowers around the studio! So I wanted to share some of them with, you, my readers!

The meadow, looking up the hill
A hosta flower
Hogweed flower in the meadow
A wildflower growing near the raspberry bush
Autumn is incoming with each leaf turning into a flower

What’s blooming near you?

And which of these flowers are your favourite?


    1. Inspired by Albert Camus: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

  1. Stunning and so lush and green. My garden and most of our country is baked dry. I’m managing to keep a few pots green by watering them every other day. I have a few veggies growing which I’m watering, but the dry weather will be continuing into next week.

    1. Hope this week has given some rain to you, Paula! 🙏 May your veggie harvest be bountiful!

    1. Thank you! It is indeed lovely. A lot of time has gone into planting the flowers and so now we can just enjoy it 🙏 Hope you are keeping well!

  2. Beautiful flowers you’re showing us here! No greater artist than The Creator! Our yards are profusions of various shades of green, ranging from the sea green juniper to the lush emerald of arborvitae. We are evergreen and perennial people, not so much flowers with the exception of the blooming azalea throughout the front yard, rhododendrons, forsythia and hydrangea in the back and bursting hosta everywhere. But they bloom on their own and I just enjoy them. Inside is another story. Our porch gets sun all day and the African violets are the biggest I’ve ever seen. The peace lily has a multitude of flowers and – shock of all shocks – my bromeliad blossomed for the first time in 30 years – just one gorgeous purple flower in the center! Go figure! Enjoy those stunning flowers!

    1. How wonderful! Sounds like you have a lovely garden around you, Nancy! Perennial flowers are the favourite here as well. Peace lilies are beautiful, and wonderful news on the bromeliad!

      1. The bromeliad flower has sadly passed on but a pup has sprouted along side the mother plant! I wonder if we’ll be so lucky as to see another flower from the pup? 🪷

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