“Stay wild, moon child.”

Riitta Klint

It moves the tides and affects the frost.

It gets coyotes and werewolves howling and has inspired myths
around the world.

It’s the moon!

So Today We
celebrate the moon

The Moon Tarot Mug
Includes Free Shipping in the US and Canada

in all its wonderful lunatic inspiration.

What is something you
love about our incredible moon?

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  1. It makes my children act crazy and wake up at night when it’s full haha!! But they also love it and are inspired when they see it- “WOW!! Look, mom, the moon!” Even my one year old is delighted when she spots it.

    1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! I definitely marvel at the moon as well!

  2. It’s entrancing. I was driving along I-70 in the open state of Kansas at night. I looked out my driver side window and saw the moon so HUGE just above the horizon. So big and so there, it felt as though one could touch it. The amazement of that spectacle was truly entrancing.

    1. That sounds incredible! I have had a moment like that here driving up a hill around the corner and getting to the top, turning the corner and BAM the moon was gigantic on the horizon! I can see it in my head now and it absolutely felt like I could touch it as well. Wonderfully entrancing as you mention!

  3. I’ve loved the moon since I was a little child. My dad had a funny little song he’d sing about the moon when we’d drive home at night. And we’d try to race the moon home but the moon always won. Now I try to follow the moon cycles. It was clear last night and I got to see a waning crescent moon. A beautiful gift from the universe. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  4. Much appreciated what you’ve shared here. Sometimes it seems the moon has consciousness (not awareness), it is it’s own being.
    It is being there, and marvelously.
    It seems to possess an energy that even shines through my window. Makes me want to set some crystals out, or say a moon prayer, or something. : )

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