When Something is Lost

In times of uncertainty,

When we seem to be going backwards, rather than forward, it almost seems logical to long for a paradise, a la Shang-ri-la. For it is human nature for some to long for better times that seem to exist only in the past.

One such place that has found it’s self lost in time and glorified by Plato, Disney and sci-fi, is Atlantis. One of the most ancient of stories lost in the mists of time.

Plato tells us “the island of Atlantis … disappeared into the sea”.

So who better to retrieve it then!

It may be a lot for us to ask the dolphins to retrieve Atlantis, but they were able to find this artifact.

In case you have not yet guessed, ‘Atlantis’ is the third piece in our series of artifacts from our series ‘Primythical‘ which you can read more about here. Before our big reveal on Saturday, you can check out the images below about the making of this artifact in tribute to the mysterious and lost city!

To see the first two pieces, simply click on their names
Athena – Wisdom
The Minotaur’s Maze

Slumped halves are joined and drying.
So happy the dolphins could carry the weight of this world on their backs!
Rendering an ancient depiction of Atlantis.

As our sea levels rise in our ever changing world, Atlantis provides a cautionary tale about arrogance. Even greatness is not immune to the power of nature.

As for longing for a better world, it is easy to reach for the success of the past for it is known, if often embellished better in remembering. It is much more difficult and brave to dream and create something new and better.

Stay tuned on Saturday for our final reveal!

How can we make this world better than the one which we live in today?

And what do you think of my Atlantis artifact creation?

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