This Week At The Studio In Photos


Here is what the world
looks like from here this week!

A preview of new work in the Primythical series!
A lily with roses
Final rest for an old fishing boat
Fungi doing their thing
Looking out over the Bay of Fundy

And That’s been the world from here.

How has your week been?


    1. its between two hills, so its a depression and the water comes in and out filling it up like a bowl in the sink submerged. I imagine as the water fills it, it would be circulating and further causing the depression – thats my guess!

    1. Thank you, Catherine! it was beautiful to come across it! I hope you are having a great week! 🙏

    1. As the tide comes in and out, in time, I imagine it will be moved again and again as it falls apart. I will have to check back in a few years!

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