Flower Friday

It’s the summer season here on Canada’s east coast

And one of my favourite parts of this time of year are all the flowers around the studio! So I wanted to share some of them with, you, my readers!

Roses are popping!
More roses
Lilies are coming on now!
Elderberry flowers
Elderberry flowers up close
A bearded iris and daylily grace The Minotaur’s Maze,
the second vase in the series ‘Primythical

What’s blooming near you?

And which of these flowers are your favourite?


    1. It is indeed coming along! In the call we will have to have foliage friday for the leaves! Keep well!

  1. I LOVE your flower Friday posts! What a brilliant idea for reoccurring theme! Your roses are stunning. I have a Japanese beetle infestation this year. They are devouring my poor roses unless I spray regularly. I actually need to go to the store to get more spray.

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