The Series So Far

In April of 2022, I embarked on the a creative journey to pull back the veils of antiquity in search of the timeless. This collection of work will blend together different pottery techniques and processes, design elements from various time periods and cultures to create artifacts that are in that space beyond time.

It seems only fitting that the name of this collection should blend together my previous work around mythology and the idea of a timeless creative freedom embodied by the concept of primordial soup.

I call this grouping of work


and I am proud to share the first two pieces in the series:

Athena – Wisdom
The Minotaur’s Maze.

I invite you to view the videos below
and share your comments on the work/series so far. πŸ™

Athena – Wisdom
The Minotaur’s Maze

What do you think of the new work/series? If it resonates with you,

Please share in the comments πŸ™

For other raku vases, please see here.


    1. Lovely! So glad it resonated with you and that I could share the owl with you! πŸ™ A thank you from Canada!

    1. Thank you Tiffany! More to come for sure and definitely appreciate your support! πŸ™

    1. Thank you! So glad you like it and thanks for the feedback! πŸ™ Keep well!

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