Flower Friday

It’s the summer season here on Canada’s east coast

And one of my favourite parts of this time of year are all the flowers around the yard! So I wanted to share some of them with, you, my readers!

These bearded irises are on their way out!
These allium flowers, so intricate and beautiful!
These hollyhocks are a relatively new and showy edition to the garden!
Our new orange roses are taking root!
A single day lily and lupin, grace this vase, which you can read more about here!
A wild pink rose and bearded iris, grace this first vase in the series ‘Primythical‘ –
Athena – Wisdom‘.

What’s blooming near you?

And which of these flowers are your favourite?


  1. We live in the tropics. In ten years of photography in our yard there has never been a day when there wasn’t multiple blooms and blossoms to chose from. Rose, strawberries, peanuts and dozens of unknown blossoms today.

  2. Lovely photos. Vibrant colors. My bearded irises and allium are gone, and the lilies are fading. Right now only the Queen Anne’s Lace is blooming and a butterfly bush. We have a ground cover that I call Sweet Potato Plant and it has tiny purple blooms but that is about it until the hibiscus starts to bloom.

    1. Thank you so much for such a kind comment! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

  3. Beautiful flowers, nicely displayed. The colors are stunning. My favorite flowers are roses, I like the endless variations and they really thrive in our garden.

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