Plant A Flower Today For All Of Our Tomorrows

It is sunny and The wind is blowing today after a few days of heavy rain

That means the garden
is coming along nicely!

Which is why it is so important to remember that

“All the flowers

Floral Owl
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of the tomorrows are in

the seeds of today.”

Shipping Included In US and Canada

– Indian Proverb

what flowers are out where you are?

Have you been able to plant
some new ones this year?


  1. What a beautiful flowers! 💕
    Dahlia and Gumamela flowers grow well in here. My mom who loves to plant so much, used to have one. I loved watering them, then.

  2. Very beautiful photos and flowers. Planted edible things here. Sharing strawberries with bunnies until I cover them with netting. As for flowers, the woman that previously lived here had a green thumb beyond reasoning. Bulbs magically teleport themselves into areas I have de-bulbed. They’ve run amuck! I have transplanted, I have set some out for passing people, I have given many to family & a neighbor. Not wanting these beauties to die has helped make my shoulders even stronger from all the da** shoveling!

  3. Stunning! ❤ Would you mind if I were to use these photos as reference photos for myself? I’ve been trying out watercolour painting lately. I’ll be sure to reference you, should I share any of my paintings. 🙂

  4. We are sure on the same page with the flowers! This quote is wonderful. I just posted a gallery of my flowers from this week in my Garden Songs section of my blog. When the final English Iris completed my Iris cycle in the garden, the lilies began blooming and right now it is lily heaven here at my studio and home. I will share this wonderful post on my FB page today. Thanks for the beauty.

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