This Week At The Studio In Photos

A new herb garden near the Alchemist’s Studio
A window to/of the universe
A new skull planter!

If you like it and would like one in a colour of your own, contact us here.

And That’s been the week here.

How has your week been?


  1. Beautiful photos! Mr. Skull, a good candidate for Halloween. Our week was great with the lovey doves nesting in one of our hanging plants are new parents. It’s awesome to watch the chicks flap their tiny wings.

  2. The new work is imposing reminiscent of empires and a certain dominant figure Ala the Buddha or a maternal something that will reveal itself as ya get the details worked out. πŸ’ͺ love ❀ ya efforts πŸ‘Œ jajaja 🎬 ❀

    1. thank you! doing more soon if you are interested in a particular colour πŸ™‚

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