In Search Of Wisdom: The Making Of Athena

As some of you may be aware,

I am currently creating a new collection of work and all of the ideas have yet to crystallize in my mind. Thus,it only seems fitting that my first piece should be about Athena, the embodiment of wisdom.

For this body of work, I am going to need all of the the whispers of wisdom that I have heard from the clay.

Main body of vase.
Wheel thrown neck of vessel.
Refining Athena.

One of the trickiest parts of working with different elements and combining them into one form is keeping consistent levels of moisture in all components.

For this I use plastic bags, and the power of intention.

I really do put love in my work

This piece will be a part of a series of work that I am currently creating called ‘Primythical‘, which you can learn about here.

This piece has fortunately survived it’s initial firing.

I am currently at the glazing stage for this piece and am prepared for an interesting surprise for this piece that will come after glazing!

Turquoise Owl$75
Shipping Included In US and Canada

Check out more of the owls in Athena’s Rookery here


  1. Lovely work as always. Particularly the shape of the vase! My daughter also loves the vase. She’s only 8 but loves Greek mythology and particularly Athena.

    1. Thank you for sharing that! I am glad to hear that she likes it as well! 🙂

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