Change & Letting Go

Working with clay is all about transformation!

When you start with a ball of clay, in it resides almost unlimited potential to be anything. Just as when people change, the clay is shaped and refined by it’s experiences.

Potter throwing at the pottery wheel

Before I can glaze any of my pieces,

I do an initial firing that is known as a bisque firing. It is at this stage that the clay embraces the changes that I have made, it’s final form is set. It is also at this stage that the clay lets go.

As the temperature increases,

you can see the clay releases that within that no longer serves it’s change. The trace amounts of foreign materials that no longer serve the clay are burnt off, as the changes to it start to take hold. As we change, we must not be afraid to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

What is something that you have let go of that no longer serves you?


  1. Thank you for your explanation about your process. Hubby and I have been decluttering and find it is difficult to let go of certain items. With that said, if doodads and stuff have been stuffed in a box for several years, it is time to let go.

  2. Nothing, pretty much. Even though we are clearing out to get ready for a move, it is quite difficult to let go of some things. Honestly, though, we are doing it. Between tons of throw aways, and give aways, and the upcoming moving sale, we won’t be taking it all with us, for sure.

    Great illustration about the need and beauty of letting go.

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