Do I have to set the world on fire to get your attention?

I wish you all a happy Earth Day 2022!

But is the Earth happy?

Last night at the Alchemist’s studio

We ushered in Earth Day with a late night raku firing. And yes, I literally did set the world on fire! You can see for yourself, in the short video below:

I had been thinking of doing a series of globes since last year.

And as another Earth Day approached I could not resist using the technique of raku, as a metaphor for the current state of the Earth.

For this particular piece

I imagined the world without our polar ice caps, because we are slowly losing them, or not so slowly as of late.

Now for a completely different take on this piece of raku pottery, watch out for the Chairman Meow‘s take on what he likes to call ‘Take Over the Earth Day’.

You might not want
to let your cats read it though.

(They’re smarter than we think)


  1. Lovely creation and I appreciate you drawing attention to Earth Day! It’s an important message and one I feel needs as much attention as possible. This was adressed in quite a poetic way with a very pretty yet compelling piece as the end result.

    1. Thank you Margo, I appreciate it! I hope you are keeping well today and welcome to our blog πŸ™

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