National Pet (Chairman Meow) Day

Today is

National Pet (Chairman Meow) Day!

and local Kitty Dictator Chairman Meow has told us we are celebrating!

So what could be better than sharing a collection of photos of

the Lovable Chairman Meow.

(Especially since that is all he will allow)

His New Kinder Profile Photo (note: not pronounced like “kind”)
Nude and Presenting Gifts this past Christmas
(you can read this year’s Christmas Eve Message from Chairman Meow here)
A very tough lion. BE careful
A few cat mugs he has us working on
Celebrating himself on our TikTok

Do you have any pet/s?

What do you like to do to celebrate them?

Are they also making you do this?

Eep! Here he comes! I better get back to petting him on
National Pet Chairman Meow Day!

(yes, he’s renamed it too)

fur real though, Don’t forget to give your pet/s lots of love today

(and every day)!


  1. No pets here (apartment rules, alas) but I wish I could have an animal buddy. As a farm boy, I was surrounded by dogs and cats, cows, horses, pigs (eww) and wildlife. Had a pet slider turtle named Charlie Brown when I was 8. Enjoyed the company of a chipmunk named Chirpy as a teen. Had a female cockatiel named Ernie for years and she was such a remarkable creature. I love animals. I’ve even got a poem on my blog I wrote in honor of a deaf beagle named Harley from my farm days years ago I offer my most special regards to the cat, the myth, the legend himself, Chairman Meow! (Please tell me I’ve gained his favor lest I forever live in his kitty wrath…) 😀

    1. ooh can you share the poem? Would like to read it!

      And yes you are safe from wrath FOR NOW. and it may change at any time as he is a cat.

      1. Sure. Here’s the link ( ) and the poem itself:

        “For Harley”
        (c) 2021 by Michael L. Utley

        I wonder if he ever knew his ears
        Had failed him as he nosed the gravel road
        Collecting scents of all that passed that way
        As afternoon slipped into eventide
        And xanthous-tinted rabbit brush held sway

        Amid god-beams

        Gilded god-beams

        His pup days had long passed as elder gray
        Frosted his chin and whiskers, and his gait
        Had slowed as tired legs had stiffened up
        And aching joints reduced him to a mere
        Shadow of his bold beagle days of yore

        When he was young

        When we were young

        His eyes—those burnished chestnut orbs that danced
        And glimmered in the magic-hour rays
        Of summer eves—belied his years and shone
        With feisty fiery passion and the ken
        Of canny canine stratagems and grim



        As for his tail, there wasn’t much to say
        Other than it epitomized the joy
        Of reckless youth, that whip-snapping white-tipped
        Apostrophe above his bobbing haunch
        Forever oscillating to and fro

        It wagged a lot

        His ears were shot

        I’d stand behind him, holler out his name
        And he, oblivious to all, would move
        Nary a muscle nor would bat an eye
        But go about his business in his world
        Of silent summer farm days as the birds

        Sang quietly

        Spoke thoughtfully

        A touch upon his back would do the trick
        And he’d glance o’er at me and grin as if
        To say, “Oh, there you are! Now where’s my treat?”
        And having been trained well by him I’d reach
        Into my pocket for a doggo snack

        And he would beam

        His eyes would gleam

        But mostly I recall our evening walks
        As day-haze settled, rabbit brush aglow
        And Harley, nose to road, would pad along
        Intent on scrying hidden critter trails
        In search of that elusive siren song

        That rabbit scent

        And there he went

        A brown and white torpedo like a blur
        Of milk and cookies, ears jet-streamed behind
        His head, and beagle-baying, “Here I go!”
        And through the sage and cheat grass he would fly
        His white-tipped tail zig-zagging through the maze

        Of summer days

        Our summer days

        And I would stand and watch this ritual
        This vital, sacred rite that kindled life
        And filled souls overflowing as my friend
        Chased rabbits in the fading of the day
        Braying echoing ‘cross halcyon fields

        Amid god-beams

        Gilded god-beams

  2. Mine demand daily parades in their honor. And that I tithe 10% of everything I eat. And that I buy them every issue of Play Kitty magazine so they can gaze upon the centerfold, Chairman Meow. 😸

    1. oh my! Chairman Meow knew his centrefolds would be a hit! It helps that he made it illegal to say otherwise as well. I hope yours are enjoying the latest issue of Play Kitty! 😀

  3. We live in an apartment complex that allows pets and we have a cat (tortie). We adopted her (Callie) 2 years ago after our 19 yr old cat died. I’ve had cats most of my life and love them. I love dogs too but it’s easier to take care of a cat while living in an apartment, IMO. With that said, many of our neighbors own dogs.

    1. def easier to have a cat in an apartment than a dog. plus no need to go up and down the stairs to bring a cat to the bathroom! 🙂 Hi Callie!

  4. Chairman Meow looks so aloof and beautiful… and funny. There’s nothing wrong with fashion frugality. He wears it well. Murph will get around 30 kisses (a few more than normal) and a few more cuddles today. I will remind Gypsy how cute her nose and big o’ butt are.

    1. Oh yes, aloof is a very accurate word for him. He plays the dictator Chairman role very well. Sending a great day to Murph and Gypsy!

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