A Moment Of Respite

“Nature does not hurry,

yet everything

@thealchemistsstudio The #weatherreport is up. Let's celebrate this day with #gratitude How's the #weather where you are? setlover #artistsoftiktok #sunset #meditation #love #beauty ♬ Cornfield Chase – Dorian Marko

is accomplished.”

~ Lao Tzu

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    1. Winter sunsets are so lovely that I miss them when spring comes! Nothing like the cool air!

      Also yay spring summer and fall too!

    1. it really was something to see. I feel grateful to be able to catch a slice of it and share it with you, Ritish 🙏 thanks for checking it out! 🙂

  1. Today: No snow left. Beautiful sunny day. Spent the afternoon reading art history at the Esquimalt Lagoon. Occasionally looked up at the ducks, geese, pigeons and other smaller birds. There is a new duck. The usual is a Mallard. This new one is predominantly white. I will have to take my bird book next time.

    1. What a lovely day! Watching birds is really fun when they stick around for awhile like ducks often do. Our chickens have some very funny social relationships with each other and it makes for a fun watch!

  2. I just published a new poem for this final day of March – “Underhanded Secrets of March.” It is so inspiring to see your photos today, and I love the quote you put with them. It is so true – despite all the snow and ice and frigid rain early this week, the bulbs I planted last fall are coming to life from beneath the fall leaves that insulated them all winter long. How exciting is Nature! Love your photos and thoughts and every visit is a treat.

    1. Hi Lynda! Thank you for such kindness and so lovely to hear about the bulbs and life! I was looking for your poem as well but it seems your site is down atm? Would you be able to share it here?

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