The Only Good Kind Of Radiation

With so many issues going on,

it can be easy to feel powerless to affect positive change.

But we are all interconnected, and small acts of random kindness and
love can be a chain reaction that ripples outward.

“Radiate Boundless Love
Towards the Entire World.”

~The Buddha

Loving the textured metallic colours on this piece (they change in different light).

Have you experienced a
random act of kindness?

We would love to hear about it!


  1. I was trying to bring my heavy luggage down a flight of steps at a station of London’s Tube. Someone offered to help me. All I had to do was to help him carry his cup of coffee. He ended up helping to carry down my other family members’ luggage bags as well. I will never forget that random act of kindness. It sort of inspired me to help others in a similar way as well. Nothing as monumental as what he did for me. I simply help the elderly bring up their heavy trolleys when they are boarding the bus whenever I am able to.

  2. this is gorgeous.. love this vase and colors!!!!. do you have one with the whole world on it? Might be hard to create all of it on a vase but I’d love one. How much are they?

      1. Hey Cindy! Yes thats the contact form for sending an email. A lot easier than blog comments.

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