🐈 In Honour Of The Greatest Most Wonderful, Incredible Chairman Meow πŸ™

A message from our fearless leader and Chairman of Everyone’s hearts, Studio Kitty Extraordinaire

Respect Your Cat Day

To my beloved friends, fans, and devotees

I have asked the human minions to transmit this message to all of you lovely folks on my behalf.

As you may have seen, I am now creating more devoted fans over on my new twitter account where I have found an imposter in my clothing!

I need your help. it is very important.

Please share in the comments: Who Wore It Better?

1. Other kitty who’s name shall never be spoken
2. Your Illustrious Leader Chairman Meow

How dare you other kitty?!

Now i will not tell you how to vote but please know your ankles (May BE) safe from harm if you vote for Chairman Meow

But I cannot guarantee such a thing if you vote for that feline fraud #1!

grey cat and box of clay
Your emperor with no clothes!

With great catlike indifference and a little bit of wrath for all ankles everywhere,

Chairman Meow

So what do you think?

Who wore it better?

(feel free to discuss in the comments. Chairman Meow cannot read so he does not know we are talking about this)


  1. Poor Chairman Meow, the most important, magnificent and cattiest cat in the world…and he can’t read… (Don’t tell him this, but I think it’s adorable!) πŸ˜€ Of course, Chairman Meow wears the cowboy (“catboy?”) costume better. No comparison whatsoever. He has my vote! (Gotta protect the ol’ ankles, you know?) πŸ™‚

  2. I have a feeling that if the Chairman even thought he might have real competition that the other cat would have to watch out for more than its ankles. #VivaLaChairmanMeow

    1. I would say that is accurate! But I can’t speak for him exactly as my ankles are at risk as well! #VivaLaChairmanMeow(OrElseIWillNeedNewSocks)


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