As Young As You Feel

It’s true!

Whether you are young or old, or in the midlife stream all things are possible. Do what you love, and you can do anything.

We are only as young as we feel and today is literally the day to celebrate that!

I accidentally became a potter.

I had always been curious about working with clay. One day I decided to take a pottery lesson with a friend. Little did I know at the time a sensory love affair started that day.

My first pieces out of the kiln thrilled me. It was the magical transition of the glaze from the firing that got me. Though looking back at those pieces, I am not sure what gave me hope!

The first vase I ever threw is the smallest one in this group photo!

I really had no idea what I was doing. But something lit a fire in me, and it was not the flames of raku!

Have you thought about your dreams lately? Do you still have dreams? In life before pandemic, one of my dreams was to have my first solo pottery exhibition, and thanks to the Oxford Riverside Gallery, and a lot of hard work, I was able to make that happen!

Short video of my Raku Pottery exhibit – ‘The Myth of Family’

Yes, COVID-19 has set some things back (and also some things forward), but regardless, I hope you will continue to join me on my journey as I refine my craft and continue to reach for more dreams.

Was it a coincidence that in my small rural part of the world I was able to find a pottery class to attend? To me, it was meant to be! And the best is yet to come!

No matter your age, no one can stop you from feeling young and alive!

What is something that you love to do that “isn’t for people of your age”?

I would also love to hear your story about how you found or fell into your creative passion and/or about your creative dreams and aspirations!


  1. I’m getting old here but I’ll still dance when no one else is dancing. It gives me a rush that keeps me up all night if I get up and shake the fat for a live band. I think I’m acting like a fool for doing it but my dear departed mother in law told me, “no fools no fun”. She danced too.

      1. Oh yeah, she was a scandal dancing on a table at the Cotton Club. hahaha That’s why she liked me. When I met her at the World’s fair in Knoxville I danced alone for a blue grass band to some real fast train song. Then she knew we had something in common. Thanks for letting me tell my fun memories.

  2. In 1991โ€™, I learned basic pottery at the West Point Grey Community Centre, Vancouver. Its Art Centre is a beautiful heritage building and westerners were so nice to me. You are brave enough to challenge FIRE…I was scared to death for taking an upgrade lesson. I must be meant to be just an Appreciator. ^^ U keep going~great job~

  3. Congratulations on your solo show. Being a 70 year old artist and writer, who discovered oil paint in 2008, digital art through surgery and again found my voice as a writer, I still dream of that solo show. published back. The pandemic kick my butt, but I’ve struggled through and hope to regain my hope.

  4. Fantastic! I’ve always been fascinated by pottery and glazes in particular. Ever since seeing my late mother in law’s collection of over 350 pieces of German pottery I’ve yearned to make things like that myself. Only lack of space and money has stopped me from adding pottery to my long list of crafts but hopefully it’ll happen soon.

    I feel into leatherworking after a 20 year career in graphic design and photography. I decided to make my own leather bound book and people liked it so I made more, sold quite a few, had enquiries to make bags, belts, journals, cases etc and a whole new business was born. Sadly the last 2 years has halted my progress but I’m still battling on and will emerge after this difficult period with even more strings to my bow!

  5. Thanks for your story. Wonderful work! I started making books about 20 years ago, in my mid-50s.
    Have you read The Chymical Wedding by Lindsay Clark? As well as being a great story, it includes a description of a raku firing. The writer’s wife was a raku potter, now sadly no longer with us.
    Dakhabrakha’s music is extraordinary! So full of life! I wonder what has become of them.

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