Things Are Looking Up!

FM signals and those of broadcast television…[travel] out to space at the speed of light.

Any eavesdropping alien civilization will know all about our TV programs (probably a bad thing), will hear all our FM music (probably a good thing), and know nothing of the politics of AM talk-show hosts (probably a safe thing).

– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Space is fascinating!

Which is why I enjoy making space themed items including Yodas, Buddhas, mugs and even planets themselves!

Raku planets!

Space is truly an incredible place,
and today on world contact day (aliens!)

The night sky at The Alchemist’s Studio

I want to celebrate space!

Intergalactic Buddha Pendant
Free Shipping Included in US and Canada

What about you?

Comet Neowise

Do you find yourself
looking up at the stars

and wondering if aliens exist?


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